We’re at the very start of our project to buy and restore the Britannia Panopticon. We’ve compiled these FAQ’s to provide information on our plans. Contact us if you’d like to know more or get involved.

How much is the building likely to cost?

The Panopticon Trust is working with the Mitchell Family who own the building and we are at the early stages of establishing a value for the building. The Panopticon Trust is looking to buy the entire building including the ground floor and basement and the three floors of the Music Hall.

When will you buy it?

Our aim is to raise funds and secure capital investment to purchase the building in the short to medium term.

What are you doing to progress this?

To make the case to funders and investors we need to undertake planning work, this involves preparing a Feasibility Study which includes a Business Plan. Our first step is to raise funds to engage a professional team of experts to give our plan credibility with the funders.

How much will this cost?

The Feasibility Study will cost £45,000.

How are you raising funds?

We are raising money from Trusts and Foundations, public funders and corporate and individual donations.

How much have you raised so far?

At the start of October 2019, we are pleased to report we have raised just under £11,000 from two trusts – the Architectural Heritage Fund and the Stafford Trust. We have also launched a public funding campaign to raise £6,000 towards our planning work.

Who is advising you at the moment?

The Panopticon Trust convenes a Capital Project Advisory Board which includes the Mitchell Family (owners), National Trust for Scotland, Glasgow City Council, Collective Architecture, the Friends of the Britannia Panopticon Music Hall Trust and experts in building conservation, capital project development, heritage and architecture, theatre management, and business development. All those involved donate their time to the Capital Project Advisory Board and we are very grateful for their support.